About Us

Global Production is an Italian company born from the extensive experience of an innovative team, who wanted to deliver industry leading quality to broadcasters and producers throughout Europe.
For almost 20 years, Global Production has been an outsourced production partner supporting premier content producers of international sports events, live events, entertainment, TV and fiction programs, music and shows.
We use the latest generation of broadcast technologies to offer solutions to meet single or multi-service requirements, for large or small events.
Every project is managed by our dedicated team, who with their deep industry knowledge, can create tailor made solutions providing our clients with the best technical resources and the most advanced technology available in the industry.
No matter where events take our clients, we can ensure them superior and consistent service anywhere in the world.

What we do

Three are the departments and principals fields of Global Production’s action


Production and back office


Rental facilities for Broadcasting, Cinema and Convention


Engineering (supplying) and realization of multimedia projects and OBvan

OB Van

the float

Global Production OB-Vans stand out for their production capacity in terms of workspace and on-board technology, which is among the most advanced on the European market.
All our OB-Vans are approved and certified for occupational safety requirements and have been designed and built to ensure the entire broadcast process with redundant equipment.
Starting from the smallest unit, up to our OB8, the largest and last to enter our stable, all our OB-VANs offer maximum comfort and the highest technology available and are suitable for covering any type of production need.
We also provide a highly skilled technical team, made up of some of the most experienced supervisors from around the world, selected for both large and small production needs.

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